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Born and raised in Germany, Clemens was trained as a pharmaceutical chemical engineer. During one of his many travels, he was introduced to Eastern medicine, specifically shiatsu.
This modality was developed in the twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi in Japan. Shiatsu adresses imbalances on the physical plane, as well as on psychological or interpersonal level. Clemens was instantly intrigued by this powerful yet elegant method and as a result, he changed careers. He took shiatsu training in The Netherlands, Italy, and Japan.
Through touch and motion, Clemens stimulates the body to express itself. He worked in interdisciplinary practices for years, and started his private practice in 1999. Besides his therapeutical work, Clemens was vice-president of the European Shiatsu Association for years and director and dean of the European Shiatsu Academy for nearly a decade.

Clemens is training and coaching executive managers, focussing on the physical aspects of leadership. In The Netherlands, many corporations and governmental organisations have benefitted from his unique expertise. Clemens is especially skilled in translating Eastern wisdom to integrate this in Western daily life. Please contact Clemens if you need more information.

Tel: +31 (0)6-15.477.088

Clemens Vogt (member of SRBAG, RBCZ, NVST, en ESA) practises his profession in Amsterdam.